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Project Description

Illustration & Design for Digital Publications


Ebook Design & illustration

Project Description

I was approached to design, illustrate and produce all materials for this young adult science fiction novel series. It was important in the first novel, The Eye-Dancers, to convey the non-stop action the four main characters encounter as they span dimensions to rescue a little girl with special abilities. The sequel, The Singularity Wheel, focused on the little girl as she grows into her multi-dimensional powers.


  • Full color illustrations for a wrap around cover detailing the essence of the interior story
  • convert the authors word document into indesign for typesetting and export for various ebook formats
  • Logo/Mast design that could be used in conjunction with future book series offerings
  • Print Design Services

  • Book Illustration

  • Book Design & Typesetting

  • EPUB File Generation

Print Design
Book Design & Typesetting
EPUB File Production

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