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Project Description

Starbucks -Cup Marking Infographic


Starbucks Hot & Cold Cup marking training posters

Project Description

Local Starbucks locations in the New York, Ohio & Pennsylvania area were in need of a in-store training tool to help instruct baristas with the art of proper drink cup marking. Prior to the advent of printed cup labels, cup marking was a vital necessity in making sure the customers drink was right every time. Wave Design was tasked with coming up with a usable training tool that would allow baristas to reference while on the job. The final printed posters were laminated to allow for notes in grease pencil or erasable marker, making it easier to communicate any new syrups or drink styles of the day.


  • Interpreted Verbal and written training materials into usable in-store graphics
  • Maintained stringent corporate brand guidelines
  • Incorporated feedback to refine the usability of final deliverables
  • Print Design Services

  • Training Materials

  • Infographics

Print Design
Training Materials

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